Turkish Citizenship by Buying Real Estate

 General Information

Earning of citizenship by real estate acquisition is specified in the Regulation regarding the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law. According to this regulation;

Foreigner individuals have the right to earn Turkish citizenship status once it is determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization that they are “purchased an at least 250.000 USD or its equivalent in foreign currency or its equivalent in Turkish Lira valued real estate, provided that it is remarked in the land registry for not to be sold for a three year period after the purchase, or signed a sales contract approved by a notary public regarding the sale of an at least 250.000 USD or its equivalent in foreign currency or its equivalent in Turkish Lira valued real estate which its construction servitude has been established and indicated in the contract that the full sales price of the property has been fully paid in cash and provided that it is committed in the land registry remark as the purchase process will not be transferred to others or not to be cancelled for a three year period”.

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According to the mentioned regulation, there is no restriction regarding the type of the real estate property. In other words, it includes all kinds of real estates such as residence, workplace, land, field, or garden.

What Are the Restrictions According to The Regulation?

Firstly, according to the relevant regulation, real estates purchased on behalf of the relatives (spouse, child, etc.) and/or on behalf of the owned legal entities of the foreign person are not included in this scope and the purchases are only considered valid in the case that the foreign person acquires the real estate personally.

Another issue is the restriction on the size of the real estate property in general. According to that, there are some legal restrictions for foreign individuals to acquire real estate in Turkey. According to the law, foreign nationals can own maximum 30 hectares and up to 10% of the area that can be privately owned in the counties.

We mentioned above about there is no restriction on the type of real estate. However, for agricultural lands and land-based real estates, preliminary permits to the relevant institutions and a commitment about submitting projects about the land within 2 years after the acquisition are required.

There are No Restrictions about The Numbers of the Real Estates!

There are no restrictions in terms of the numbers of the Real Estates, provided that the limitation regarding the area we have explained above is considered properly. However, the most important issue here is in order to earn Turkish Citizenship status, the total value of the purchased real estates must reach to the sought amount.

So how the values of these real estates should be determined?

Since there is a criterion about the value in real estate acquisition, of course, the most important issue is the determining the value of the relevant real estate in a report that is obtained from an official source. These institutions are indicated in the links below.

Capital Markets Board CMB

Turkey Appraisers Association (TDUB)

The Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate prepared a comprehensive guide by explaining the relevant regulation and the changes made in this regulation with examples. Click to reach this guide where you can learn all the details.

You may find detailed information explaining all the ways to earn a Turkish Citizenship by visiting the website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs under the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Interior.